History of St Bridget’s Centre West Kirby

The origins of the centre date back to 1848 when a school was opened on the site to serve the local area. The old schoolrooms (which still stand and have been updated and incorporated in the new centre) have been used as a school, school canteen, Sunday school, parish centre and World War Two billeting among others over the years.

The pyramidal building in which the Charles Dawson Brown Museum (now the West Kirby Museum) is hosted was built at a later date and has housed the museum since 1892.  Small extensions to the rear were erected to support these various roles. In 1968 a major new extension was built with a new hall (the Barton Room) and toilet facilities.

A view across the Churchyard from the South Porch showing the pathway to the old centre, the wall of the 1960’s Barton Room extension and the corner of the old schoolroom building.

The frontage of the attractive old sandstone buildings (now restored) with the characteristic pyramidal roof of the Charles Dawson Brown Museum and the old schoolrooms alongside.